Union Endorses Matt Susin For Brevard County School Board

The Brevard Federation of Teachers union has endorsed Matt Susin for Brevard County School Board District 4. 

“Matt Susin is storehouse of information about the issues that face Brevard Public Schools and has a proven track record of successfully advocating for students and teachers,” said BFT Vice President Dan Bennett.

"As a former educator and union member for Brevard Schools, I fought for teachers rights at the state capitol, through working on many BPS advisory committees, as a building representative at three schools, and in the community," Susin said. "I understand the concerns of teachers. I saw some of the best and brightest leave for private industry, or for other school systems, after being offered thousands more a year for the same position."

If elected to the Brevard County School Board, Susin promises to:

1. Work to increase teachers’ salaries, and make our benefits package better than the surrounding counties;

2. Stand with teachers and students to fight against unfunded, uneducated mandates that turn our teachers into testing robots; and

3. Stand with teachers and students and provide the best learning environment in the State of Florida.

"I will make teachers and students the focus on every decision I make," Susin continued. "Thank you, Brevard Federation of Teachers for your endorsement! Together we will make our education system #1 in Florida."

The teachers' union did not endorse a candidate in Brevard County School Board District 3. Instead, BFT gave a rating of “Acceptable” to Darcey Addo, Tina Descovich, and Larry Finch.

Photo credit: Matt Susin campaign

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