Reed: Infantini's 'Worldview' Different Than Florida Today On Indian River Lagoon

Brevard County Commissioner Trudie Infantini

Brevard County Commissioner Trudie Infantini was given an 'F' on FLORIDA TODAY's "Lagoon Scorecard" because she had a different 'worldview' than the newspaper's newsroom, Opinions Editor Matt Reed revealed during a radio interview on WMFE 90.7 on Friday.

"What about Trudie Infantini, now? She was calling for a state of emergency. There was a public hearing last month I believe, or maybe the month before," said WMFE radio host Matthew Peddie.  "She had a lot of support from the public on that measure. That didn't pass. She still got an 'F'. So why is that?"

"Well I think it just had to do with, um, you know, our news staff making the practical decision, along with our editor, that, you know, voting to create a 'save the lagoon' taxing district and having voted for at least the potential to create a funding source - whether it was through taxes or stormwater fees to pay for the projects at the local level - was a good thing. Now she just has a different worldview on this," Reed answered. 

"She doesn't think that we should be raising any local taxes to pay for lagoon things. Um, you know, the list of projects is never going to be prioritized well enough for her," Reed continued. "She points to other counties along the lagoon that haven't passed similar taxes. She makes a good point there." 

"And she also just believes that declaring a state of emergency and having the Governor get some flexibility to bring in state money is a better way to go. We just decided, for the sake of this grading period, that we just didn't agree with that take."

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