Marco Rubio's 'Morning Again in America' Video Uses Canadian Footage

Senator Marco Rubio 'Morning Again in America' video opens with a tugboat flying a Canadian flag and the Vancouver skyline in the background. Credit: Marco Rubio for President campaign.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio's campaign team created and ran an ad titled 'Morning Again in America' which mistakenly opens with the Vancouver, Canada skyline. 

The 1-minute video begins with the narrator saying "It's morning again in America" as a tugboat sails across the Vancouver harbor flying an easily recognizable Canadian maple leaf flag.

The video is a twist on Ronald Reagan's 1984 campaign ad 'It's Morning In America' that also opens with a boat crossing a harbor. However, the Reagan campaign ad footage was shot in the United States - specifically, San Francisco Bay, California. 

Unlike Donald Trump who has questioned whether Texas Senator Ted Cruz can become President of the United State because Cruz was born in Canada, Rubio has brushed aside the Canadian birth issue.

Marco Rubio's 'Morning Again in America' YouTube Video

Ronald Reagan's 1984 'It's Morning In America' Campaign Ad:

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