Huffington Post: Sheriffs Promoting Islamaphobia

The Huffington Post published an article last week asserting that sheriffs in the United States are promoting Islamaphobia by asking citizens to take up arms in order to defend themselves from terrorists attacks.

The column specifically cited Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey's Facebook video with a link, stating:

Several other sheriffs, overwhelmingly from rural, majority-white areas seemingly unlikely to be the targets of large-scale terror plots, have taken to social media to express similar sentiments hinged on the fear of a possible impending threat from "terrorists" or "radical Islamic extremists."

Sheriff Ivey's video went viral earlier this month and now has nearly 5 million views after garnering nationwide attention from conservative media outlets such as FOX NewsThe BlazeWashington Times and Breitbart.

The Huffington Post article points out that Americans are more likely to be killed by falling televisions than by terrorists to question the validity of sheriffs across the county calling citizens to arms:

But these calls to arms by local sheriffs are, of course, not rooted in data. And while they may be well-intended responses to fears from residents, Muslim leaders maintain they could incite a dangerous backlash, especially in smaller rural communities, where minorities -- and particularly those who follow Islam -- often face increased scrutiny and prejudice.

However, Sheriff Ivey made it clear in his video that no particular race or religion was being targeted - only terrorists.

"Let there be no mistake - This is not about politics, religion, ethnicity, race, or social status. But instead, is about our freedom, humanity, way of life, and the future of our great nation," continued Ivey. "It is time to stop reacting, and instead proactively engage anyone who threatens harm through terrorism or mass killings. It is time for our national and world leaders to stop worrying about being politically correct, and start worrying about what needs to be said and done to target - yes, I said target - terrorists."


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