Infantini: No Raise On Gas Tax

Trudie Infantini

Dear Citizens of Brevard County,
Your County Commissioners are planning on increasing your fuel tax!
They will vote on November 5th to raise the gas tax an entire 6 cents per gallon. (Don’t be surprised if next year’s ballot sports an increase of a half-cent sales tax as well.) Why, when we finally see some relief from the skyrocketing fuel prices of the past, would the county jump on the opportunity to charge us 6 cents more per gallon of gas? And as history has shown us, once government implements a tax, it is here to stay.
I ask you, citizens of Brevard, is it fair to increase your fuel taxes because of the County’s mismanagement of funds? The Board has strayed from the core function of government, and allocates millions of dollars for corporate welfare and payments to special district projects before infrastructure.
To name a few of these frivolous projects, the County allocated $6M for a speculation building for commercial purposes, and another $6M for a mall in Titusville. The County also found it necessary to purchase 20, $5,000 palm trees to line highway 520. These are the choices your local government has been making with YOUR tax dollars, and yet argues that there is not enough current funding for roads.
Looking at these spending decisions, wouldn’t the more appropriate solution to the problem of road restructuring be to prioritize the county’s current budget to encompass greater funding to roads, rather than increasing taxes on fuel? The increase would bring Brevard up to the highest level of fuel tax rates in the state.
I urge you to contact your County Commissioners to voice your opinion on the matter. Remember, WE work for YOU!
Robin Fisher                District 1         [email protected].us
Jim Barfield                District 2         [email protected].us
Trudie Infantini           District 3         [email protected].us
Curt Smith                  District 4         [email protected].us
Andy Anderson          District 5         [email protected].us
Zoning meeting, November 5, 2015, 5:00 pm.
Commission Chambers, Government Center, Viera.
Please attend and let your voice be heard.

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