Poll: Republicans say Obama more imminent threat to U.S. than Putin

U.S. President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama. Brevard Times / file photo.
Those who identified themselves as Republican in a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll say, by a double-digit margin, that U.S. President Barack Obama poses a more imminent threat to the United States than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Republicans who responded to the poll, 34% say Obama poses the most imminent threat to the U.S., beating out Putin at 25% and Syrian President Basha Assad at 23%.  When 100% of the respondents across all affiliations are included, 20% of Americans say that Putin poses the most imminent threat to the U.S., narrowly edging out Obama at 18% - a statistical tie due to the polling margin of error of +/ 2.1 percentage points.

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