Fisher: Matt Reed 'Got It Right' About County Manager

VIERA, Florida -- At last Tuesday's Brevard County Commission meeting, Commissioner Robin Fisher, the only registered Democrat on the Brevard County Board, said that he was happy that Florida Today talked about outgoing County Manager Howard Tipton "conservativeness."

"I want to thank Mr. Tipton for your service, sir," Fisher said.  "You have, probably in the most difficult time, this County has seen in the last five years, you've helped us manage through some difficult situations and keeping service up and provided in this County which makes it a great County. You've done a wonderful job, and it has not been easy.  The experience of working with this Board will serve you well in working with any other Board you will have in the future."

"I'm happy for you that the paper [Florida Today] got a chance to talk about your conservativeness and your leadership over the last little bit because I definitely think that [Florida Today Opinion Columnist] Matt [Reed] probably said it better than anybody in a long time, sir."

Fisher is referring to an opinion column written by Reed that appeared over Easter weekend which claimed that Tipton was more conservative than County Commisisoner Trudie Infantini.  Reed's column sparked outrage by some Brevard County conservatives and prompted a response in a guest column by Infantini published in the paper the following Sunday.

"Call it pandering if you want," District 4 County Commission Candidate Richard Charbonneau said during public comments.  "Mr. Tipton has been here for 30 years, in the system for 30 years, and I just want to say thank you." Charbonneau also told Tipton three times during his comments, "Don't be a stranger."

"I think Matt Reed got it right the other day

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