Endorsement: Denise Coyle For Brevard County School Board District 5

Denise Coyle

PALM BAY, Florida -- Brevard Times rarely endorses political candidates and would not have done so in the Brevard County School Board District 5 race.  However, after some facts have come to light regarding an incident where Andy Ziegler, a sitting Brevard County School Board member, was caught in the possession of political signs that did not belong to him by the Palm Bay Police Department, it is now in the best interest of Brevard County's schoolchildren that not only Ziegler not be re-elected, but that he resign immediately.

Unlike other non-court related political offices, the Brevard County School Board exercises a quasi-judicial role during student disciplinary hearings.  The alleged sign theft by Ziegler is an act that students from pre-K through high school can easily comprehend.  In fact, not taking something that does not belong to you is taught by parents before children can even walk or talk.

The best is example of this moral discipline is an infant or toddler riding in a shopping cart and reaching for everything that appeals to them.  It is then up to the parent to stop the act in progress or return the item to its proper place.  Ziegler exercised none of this moral discipline that is commonplace amongst Brevard County parents and children.

Holding student disciplinary hearings is part of the job description of a Brevard County School Board member.  Ziegler no longer possesses the moral authority to pass judgment upon students and is therefore unfit to retain his official position.

Moreover, Ziegler's continuing presence on the Board as this scandal unfolds is an unnecessary distraction when, now more than ever, the Board and administration has to be laser focused on the challenges that Brevard Public Schools face.

For these reasons, Brevard Times endorses Denise Coyle for Brevard County School Board District 5. 


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