Letter to the Editor: NO NAZI TRAINS IN FLORIDA

From Miami Beach to Melbourne on 10/20/14, an NBC radio report was on Nazi killers in the Holocaust, getting Social Security checks and the State Department said they could keep those checks, in the $millions, if they left the country.

Instead of prosecuting these murderers they were rewarded by the U.S. and paid for by taxpayers.  It didn't make FLORIDA TODAY newspaper.

I gave this to the Brevard County Commissioners, who treated me with disdain and contempt and had me wait for 6 1/2 hours before I was allowed to speak against "AAF" picking Siemens to run their trains and one of the worst German companies in the Holocaust involving massive slave labor, the Death Camps, gas chambers, medical experiments, brothels and a host of horrors and mass murder including at Auschwitz and 400 other sites.

But this game was obviously 'rigged' from the beginning.

I had negotiated to address the commissioners two weeks ago and I arrived at 8:45AM.

In 3 hrs. 43 would speak. I was not invited to address my issues on Siemens with this crowd or the media there. Talk about the cowards and collaborators on the commission.

K.C. Traylor of Florida Not All Aboard presented 32,000 signatures but the commissioners cared less and purposely ignored this grassroots impact not to support AAF's desire to sell bonds with this vote. AAF brought up students and others from S. Fla. with weak, almost stupid statements on why this project should be supported.
AAF's presentation and approach was mediocre and a zero.  Locals asked for more time and research and were totally ignored by the commission and then AAF offering $500,000 for 'quiet zones', when Brevard will pay much more, was another insult.
The Commissioners and AAF were an embarassment for a project that reeks and they rushed through as if 32 daily trains are an extension of Disney's Monorail.

I told the commissioners that the time they let me wait to speak, I could have driven from Miami Beach to Orlando and in one more hour, I could have returned, so what was their point in who is going to ride this 'thing'... let alone treating me this way?

I advised  that many projects by promoters have been pushed only to have the voters tricked and deceived. For example, the 1000 ft. observation tower for Downtown Miami that was voted for and then the developer comes back and wants %15 million from the taxpayers and that was only a couple of weeks ago and the tip of the corruption out there.
Siemens is so guilty on so many levels in the Holocaust and bribery/corruptions and have paid in fines more than the AAF agenda to begin with. So why would they be chosen to give Florida this reputation of supporting Nazi trains and not compensating survivors and heirs and the same for Allianz Nazi Insurance that owes $2billion and does golf tournaments in Boca Raton with their profiteering and also now the Social Security scandal of paying off Nazi killers.
The message is that the Nazis get rewarded; get away with murder and then get paid for it too!

They never learn.  I demanded they tell AAF not to use Siemens and their terrible Nazi past and present bribery and corruption charges and these commissioners were stunned that anyone would ask them to behave morally and actually support the victims of Siemens.
I asked them to take a stand that no company in Brevard that participated in the Holocaust and never compensated survivors and heirs be allowed to do business and to be a model for this effort for the state.  The look on their faces, asking them to be moral, was mind boggling and they didn't want to deal with it.

"NO NAZI TRAINS IN FLORIDA" and 'SIEMEN: FROM ALL ABOARD AUSCHWITZ TO ALL ABOARD FLORIDA" are legitimate issues that AAF and their politicians refuse to address and only showing that AAF can't be trusted on any level of this project, if they are rewarding the Nazis and again attacking their victims with this insult to injury, while embarrassing the State.

We have many thousands of Holocaust survivors in Fla. that require special needs besides Medicade and why isn't Siemens doing their fair share on any level? With half of the survivors below poverty level, this continues the crimes against them and humanity.

The Brevard Commissioners or AAF or Siemens could care less.

 On 10/22/14, an Islamic Nazi convert kills a soldier at the Canadian WWII Memorial in Ottawa and the third event since last Friday. On Monday, two Canadian soldiers were run over and one killed. That Islamic Nazi connected with ISIS, was also killed, as was the Ottawa attacker.

No mention of security for AAF trains who might well be transporting ISIS


I will address the Brevard 9/12.net group at 6:30 P.M.on Nov. 6 at Kol Maschiach Synogague,1621 Lake Washington Road in Melbourne and to protest at the Brevard County Commission at Noon on Nov. 7, 2014 at this betrayal from them and that we don't want Siemens or any Nazi trains running in Florida or Nazi stations either. Nov. 12 at 3:30P.M.-7P.M. Cocoa Civic Center, 430 Delannoy Ave. is another opportunity to expose and oppose AAF and Siemens.

What makes this so scandalous is that there are at least 9 bus companies that run daily from Miami to Orlando for as low as $25.

Six airlines with many flights from S. Fla. to Orlando as low as $55.

AMTRAK from Miami to Orlando costs $43 with advanced reservations. AMTRAK goes 79MPH and AAF will go 110 MPH for $1.6billion that could go along existing inland tracks or along the Fla. Turnpike, but AAF doesn't want to spend their real monies on this.
Renting a car for $4.95 a day out of Ft. Laud. they will need to get around either in Orlando or Miami and many wonderful spots to visit in-between.
What is AAF's point, except that reason isn't the issue when the scam is in and big bucks can be made, no matter how many folks it hurts, while AAF dishonestly refuses to say what it will cost to ride their trains.

Then add Siemens and its Nazi past being rewarded is beyond disgusting and why would Fla. put up with this crap on every level?

Please get this information to your networks, show up at these meetings; help to donate to: "Defend Jerusalem", P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140 so that we can order signs and stickers and buttons with the above messages. Attend rallies being planned and don't give up, which AAF/SIEMENS is depending on and the ONLY way they can win.

Bob Kunst
President, Shalom International

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