Commissioner Andy Anderson Claims To Be Most Libertarian

VIERA, Florida -- A philosophical dialogue developed during the debate of tax breaks to one company over another at the Brevard County Commission meeting on Tuesday where both Republican Commissioners Andy Anderson and Trudie Infantini claimed to be the most Libertarian members of the Board.

"Hell, I'm a Libertarian.  Probably more Libertarian than anybody up here," said Commissioner Andy Anderson.  "I hate economic development.  It is the most unregulated thing in the United States...And philosophy doesn't mean anything to hungry families."

Brevard County has the unique distinction in Florida as having donated more to Libertarian-leaning Ron Paul than any other GOP candidate in the 2012 Presidential Primary which is perhaps due to the large proportion of current and former armed services members and defense contract workers in Brevard. This falls in line nationally where current and former armed services members, as well as defense contract workers, had donated more to the Ron Paul campaign than any other.

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