Radio Host Bill Mick, Commissioner Andy Anderson Engage In Name Calling

MELBOURNE, Florida -- A heated exchange has erupted between WMMB AM 1240-1350 conservative radio talk show host Bill Mick and Brevard County Commissioner Andy Anderson.

What led to the exchange was an appearance by Commissioner Trudie Infantini on the Bill Mick Live show on August 6th where the topic was the garbage rate hike proposed by the Brevard County Manager's Office.

Anderson, without directly naming Infantini, took to his Facebook page on August 14 to say "Beware of half-truths and misinformation that are apparently motivated by political ambitions" about the new Waste Management contract with the county.  Again, without naming Infantini, Anderson then added a list of "Myths vs. Facts" to his Facebook page on August 15:

Myth: If your cart is stolen or damaged, you will have to pay $75 to replace it.

Fact: Waste Management will deliver a garbage and a recycling cart to your door for free. If it is stolen or damaged, Waste Management will replace the cart for free. Only if “customer abuse or neglect” occurs will the citizen be responsible for its replacement.

During a presentation by Waste Management at the August 20 County Commission meeting, Infantini asked Waste Management representative, Dina Reider-Hicks, specific questions regarding the free replacement policy of the new garbage carts and what would constitute customer abuse that would disqualify for free replacement.  Reider-Hicks used and example of a customer pouring hot coals into the cart.  Infantini then referred to the contract language between Waste Management and Brevard County.  Anderson interjected, saying he did not want to revisit the contract.  "If you want to make a political statement, go on your little radio show," Anderson said.

About an hour later during public comments, Brevard resident Pat Paisely brought up Anderson's prior comment about the "little radio show."  Anderson responded, referring to Bill Mick, "I'm not going to support a guy's advertisers who wants to beat me up on his radio show.  I'm not going to make a living for him."

Mick, on his 7 a.m. radio segment this morning, then attacked Anderson, calling him clown, skippy,  and a "little boy who happens to have a gavel in his hand."  Mick then played what he called Anderson's theme song, which was a composite song made up of, in part, the Dukes of Hazard theme song Just a Good Ol' Boy and Kenny Roger's Coward of the County.

During the 8 a.m. segment, Mick questioned Anderson's claim as being a financial conservative, his relationship with Xun Energy, and the Field of Dreams incentive payments made by Waste Management.

In response to an email from Brevard Times this morning, Anderson said on Facebook:

"I think he is an idiot has has no impact on my life - he is just a low level shock-jock.   However if the "real coward" would like to discuss it with me off-air - I'm good with that!  I refuse to help create an increased audience for his little show of half-truths and innuendo that only benefits him financially though increased advertisement money.  I will be making my rounds to other media outlets though." 

UPDATE:  Commissioner Anderson has removed his statement regarding Bill Mick from his Facebook page.

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