Marco Rubio: ObamaCare Has Already Failed Gatorland and America

Marco Rubio
ORLANDO, Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued a press release where he called Obamacare a disaster and that "anyone who votes for the short-term budget that funds ObamaCare is voting to move forward with ObamaCare."

During a speech on the Senate floor on Thursday, Rubio said that the Affordable Care Act is threatening to unravel the livelihood of 135 Central Floridians who work at Gatorland in Orlando, Florida.  Rubio, who is visiting Gatorland on Friday, said that he singled out the swamp critter tourist attraction "because that’s the real world."

“Gatorland has 135 full-time employees. Gatorland currently pays 80 percent of the insurance cost for these employees," Rubio said. "But now under ObamaCare, evidently what they are doing is not going to be enough.  ObamaCare, first of all, requires them not just to provide insurance but to provide for them a certain type of insurance, a type of insurance that the government has decided is enough."

"Gatorland’s cost of insurance that they want to provide for their employees is going to go up. That is, if they want to continue to pay 80 percent of the insurance costs for 135 Floridians who work there, it’s going to cost them a lot more money."

“So what does this mean in the real world? Here’s what it means: it means as Gatorland looks into next year and into the future, they now have a new cost on their books. As they look at their business plan for the coming year, all of a sudden, they see that on the cost side of it, it’s gotten more expensive. So what are their options to come up with this extra money?"

“Well, option number one is they can raise their prices. Option number two is they can cut back on expenses like employees and benefits and hours. Option number three is just not to comply at all with ObamaCare and pay a fine....Which one of these three options is good for America? And which one of these three options is good for the 135 people who feed their families by working at Gatorland?"


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