Gov. Rick Scott Stands His Ground With Trayvon Martin Protestors On Florida Gun Laws

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- On Thursday, Florida Governor Rick Scott met with the leaders of a group of protestors at the Florida State Capitol who are unhappy about the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial and want to repeal Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law." 

“I asked to meet with the protestors this evening to personally hear their concerns following the jury’s verdict in the Zimmerman case," Scott said in a release.  "I expressed my own sympathies for the Martin family and all those affected by Trayvon’s death.  Earlier this evening, I also spoke to Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, to again give my condolences on the loss of her son and let her know that she and her family remain in our thoughts and prayers."

“Tonight, the protestors again asked that I call a special session of the Legislature to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. I told them that I agree with the Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection, which concurred with the law.  I also reminded them of their right to share their views with their state legislators and let them know their opinions on the law.

“I also told them that I plan to call for a Statewide Day of Prayer for Unity in Florida this Sunday, July 21st. We have a great state with wonderful, resilient people that rise to meet any challenge. While emotions run high during this time of grieving, it is even more important that we join together to strengthen and support one another.”


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