Did Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization Forget To Renew Its Domain?

VIERA, Florida -- The Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization's website is down, and visitors are redirected to Network Solutions which is often a tell-tale sign that a website did not renew its domain name.

According to the WHOIS database, the Space Coast TPO website BREVARDMPO.COM domain registration expired on April 5, 2013 and is pending renewal or deletion.   

Brevard Times has sent an inquiry to Brevard County Manager Howard Tipton's office to find out what happened and who is responsible for renewing the Space Coast TPO website domain name.

TPO is responsible for the future planning of Brevard County's transportation system, it creates both  a Five Year Transportation Improvement Program  and a Long Range (20 year, at a minimum) Transportation Plan.  The organization receives around $1.4 million annually out of the Brevard County budget.

UPDATE: Brevard County notified Brevard Times via Twitter that the Space Coast TPO has changed its web address to http://www.spacecoasttpo.com which has been up for several years.  However, a Google search still returns the old website as the top result and Space Coast Area Transit still links to the old website.


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