Glenn Beck To Launch Libertarian News Network

NEW YORK, New York -- Just after a recent Washington Post/ABC poll revealed that over half of all Republicans disapprove of John Boehner's Fiscal Cliff compromise that did little to curb spending, but increased taxes, and still had plenty of corporate tax carve outs for Hollywood and other special interests, Glenn Beck announced last night on the The Glenn Beck Program that he plans to turn TheBlaze, a satellite and internet TV network he founded, into a "cutting-edge, international news network" with a libertarian view point.

Beck noted that the choices are between  the "Republican's big government" and bigger government [from the Democrats].  He added that he wanted to produce news for an audience that value true freedom that is closer to The Constitution.

“You’re going to get common sense from us, that’s what we’re about,” Glenn said.

Beck's ambitious international news network follows a growing trend among local online U.S. newspapers that give a libertarian point of view and also delve into investigative journalism like the on Florida's Space Coast and in South Carolina. These independent local libertarian leaning newspapers are unlike their corporate welfare predecessors that give into local and state good ol' boy crony capitalism.


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