Republicans' Life Ratings Plunge, Democrats' Improve

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Republicans' ratings of their lives worsened significantly in November, with their collective Life Evaluation Index score dropping to 40.3, from 47.0 in October according to a recent survey by Gallup.  Independents' life ratings also declined last month, but to a lesser degree. Democrats became slightly more upbeat -- their Life Evaluation Index score climbed to 56.9, from 53.7 in October.

Gallup says that Democrats' life ratings have been generally improving in 2012, while Republicans' have been mostly on the decline. The trajectory of independents' life ratings is more similar to the trend for Republicans than that of Democrats.

The gap between Democrats and Republicans on the Life Evaluation Index is now 16.6 points -- the largest it has ever been. This is also a drastic change from early 2008, when Republicans' life ratings frequently surpassed Democrats' by more than 10 points.

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