Matt Nye Announces Candidacy For Brevard Republican Executive Committee Chair

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- Conservative political activist Matt Nye has announced his candidacy for the Brevard County Republican Executive Committee Chair.   Nye is often present at any political event where a conservative cause is at stake.  
Most recently, Nye joined conservatives to protest President Barack Obama's visit to the Space Coast during the 2012 Presidential Election.
Nye's announcement follows:
Dear fellow Republican,

I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for BREC Chair, and I’m writing to ask for your vote at the next BREC meeting this Thursday, December 13th at 7pm.

If elected I will make a solid commitment to serve no less than two years as your Chairman. I will seek no other offices during this time.

I will bring to the job more than 20 years of experience in the technology and communications sector. One of my prime objectives will be to bring our Republican organization into the fast paced digital world of the 21st century. I pledge to allocate the necessary resources to compete with the radical left’s cyberspace initiatives, and to establish a modern communications network.

I will also implement a new membership program that will be informative, stimulating, and politically inclusive. BREC Members will be the most important partners to success.

In the last five years I have organized the Brevard Tea Parties, founded the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida, helped organize two Lincoln Day Dinners for the BREC, chaired this year’s BREC bi-annual picnic and run as a candidate for county commission. These activities have given me perspective and experience that I can use to take Brevard Republicans to the next level. In addition, I have the experience of running for political office and understand the challenges our candidates face.


• When elected, I will implement software that will allow us to run the BREC like a business
• When elected, I will implement a quarterly district meeting schedule drive by HQ to maximize attendance and participation, and to take the burden of organizing those meetings off the District Chairs
• When elected, I will implement a new committee structure to ensure that the ideas and suggestions of the membership are heard at the board level

• When elected, I will use the software we put in place to track volunteer activities, allowing us to recognize and reward members who do the most work in various areas; these awards will be presented at our fundraising events
• When elected, I will work to create a new “Who’s Who” event for our high value donors that will be sponsored by the Council of 100, which will allow us to reduce the ticket price of the Lincoln Day Dinner so all of our hard working volunteers can afford to attend and enjoy the camaraderie and recognition they so richly deserve

• When elected, I will work to reach out to:
o Voters, with welcome letters introducing them to the BREC and informing them of all of the local clubs and their meeting times
o Business Owners, by networking at various Chamber of Commerce events
o The Youth, by creating a Youth Outreach Committee with Youth Coordinators that report directly to the Executive Board
o The Media, by issuing timely press releases on issues and using my local media contacts to get us in the newspaper, on the radio and on TV

• When elected I will work to recruit solid candidates to run for office
• When elected, I will work to ensure these candidates have access to the resources and volunteers they need to be successful against the Democrats
• When elected, I will make sure we have a plan to support our candidates financially

As you know, our party stands at a crossroads. Time is not on our side. We are tasked now with the responsibility to build an organization that will compete and defeat the young radicals in the Democrat Party. Accordingly, we must make it our primary goal to attract and engage our young Republicans and patriots, to guide them, and to pass the baton on to this next generation of leaders.
I can’t do this without your help and support – I need your vote this Thursday!


Matthew D Nye

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