Brevard County Judge Runoff Race A Wild Card

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- The Brevard County Judge Group 5 runoff race between Curt Jacobus and Stephen "Steve" R. Koons will be the local wild card political race on November 6, 2012.


The runoff occurred after the primary election in a three-way race where Jacobus received 38.64% of the vote to Koons' 38.15%.

The general strategy of non-partisan races that occur during a Brevard County primary is that each campaign focuses heavily on Republican voters because their turnout is much heavier during primaries.  


However, a run-off race has significantly more Democrats voting in U.S. Presidential General Election than in the Primary which means that whichever campaign was the most effective in a relatively short amount of time (August through November) in reaching Democratic likely voters could determine the outcome of this race.


Brevard Time's exclusive data shows that there still remains a relatively high unfamiliarity with both of the candidates amongst the voters even one day before the election.  


A race where voters are unfamiliar with both candidates generally results in a 50/50 outcome where voters pick at random in the polling booth or choose to skip voting in that race altogether.


Below are links to each of the candidates' websites: 

     Curt Jacobus                                        Stephen "Steve" R. Koons                

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