Obama Campaign 'Possessed' Before First Presidential Debate

DENVER, Colorado -- The Obama for America campaign released a YouTube video today titled "Stephanie Cutter on Tonight's Presidential Debate" where they set the stage of what they say viewers can expect from Mitt Romney in the first Presidential Debate tonight.

The video features Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter who says 52 seconds into the video, "Here are three examples you are likely to hear from Romney tonight - and what we'll need you to correct: On deficit, taxes, and jobs." 

The video then cuts away from Cutter to the text "First, the Deficit" while she is saying, "He'll say he's gonna cut the deficit."  The clip returns to Cutter with an eerie glow in her eyes as she says "Please."

Glowing eyes of course, are the visual cue in many adolescent witch and vampire movies that indicate the person is either under a spell or possessed by a demon.

While the visual effect is more likely a stage light simply reflecting off of Cutter's eyes and hitting the camera - it is peculiar the the Obama campaign did not do a retake of that particular clip - especially during the month of October when Americans begin thinking about witches, ghosts, and vampires as Halloween nears.

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