Mitt Romney Tied With President Obama In Florida

FLORIDA -- Mitt Romney has closed the gap with President Barack Obama in Florida at 47% to 47%, according to the most recent Real Clear Politics average of polls.  Ironically, the magic percentage that Mitt Romney was infamously known for saying at a fundraising dinner in South Florida. 

The recent Florida tie did occur after Mitt Romney won the first Presidential Debate after President Obama lackluster performance.  However, it may not be the debate "bounce" in Florida that the Romney campaign had hoped.   

Romney barely edged up in the Florida polls during the first week of October.  On September 30, 2012, Mitt Romney was at 46.8% in the same Real Clear Politics average of Florida polls while Barack Obama held a commanding 49.8%.  So the tie in Florida after the first Presidential Debate was due to Obama dropping in the polls rather than Romney moving up.

In order to win the battleground State of Florida, Mitt Romney will have to keep President Obama's slide in the polls going while Obama will have to stop the slide with perhaps a better performance in the next two upcoming Presidential Debates.

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