Romney: Recreational Fishing Regulations "Misguided"

The September/October edition of Big Game Fishing Journal on newsstands this week features an exclusive 'question and answer' session on recreational fishing with Governor Mitt Romney

"The Journal's publisher Len Belcaro asks the real questions on the minds of saltwater anglers today, and Governor Romney's answers are exactly what our community has wanted to hear," said Jim Donofrio, executive director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA).  "Just by looking at a few of the quotes, saltwater anglers will see that Governor Romney truly gets it." 

On what sportfishing means to him as former governor of a coastal state (Massachusetts): 
"The economic impacts of recreational fishing activities are significant, and they have too often been overlooked in recent years."

How 'President' Romney would help preserve and protect our coastal traditions: 
"Recreational angling can be an incredible economic engine for our coastal states, but it is being shackled by misguided, over-reaching regulations that make little economic or conservation sense."

What a Romney administration would do to address national ocean policy: 
"Public participation should begin early in the process and be ongoing. Sustainable recreational use should not only be supported within a national ocean policy, it should be actively promoted."

Tackling angler criticism of NOAA Fisheries:
"A more responsive, transparent, science- and economics-based system is needed to properly manage our marine fisheries. When those pieces are in place, we will enter a new era of trust and cooperation that will be good for the fish – and the fishermen."

The governor's perspective on critical appointments inside Department of Commerce:
"A Romney Administration would focus on bringing a new philosophy into fisheries management that will put the focus back on commonsense regulations that can protect and rebuild fisheries when necessary, but will also allow anglers greater access to healthy marine resources."

A full perspective on the socioeconomic importance of recreational fishing in the United States as it relates to the upcoming race for the White House is only available through Big Game Fishing Journal.  To find a copy of the latest edition featuring Mitt Romney, visit their dealer's page at, or call 800-827-4468.

SOURCE Recreational Fishing Alliance


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