What Does a Florida State Committeeman Do?

If you are looking at a sample ballot for the first time during the Florida Primary on August 14, 2012, and see the little publicized office of Florida Republican or Democrat State Committeeman or Committeewoman on the ballot, you may ask yourself, "What Does a Florida State Committeeman Do?"

Generally, for both Florida Republican and Democratic State Committeeman or Committeewoma, their duties are to maintain a grow a strong political party in Florida.  This mostly means publicizing the party and recruiting new party members, as well as encouraging their party voters to vote on election day.

Support the principles, objectives, and platforms of the respective Party.

Once candidates are nominated in the primary election, Florida State committee members work locally and statewide to help their party's candidates win in the General Election.

Florida State Committeemen and Committeewoman also attend statewide meetings and regulate the use of their party name.

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