Rogers, Earp, Atkin Projected Brevard Election Winners

Brevard Times can make the following election projections based on available data collected up to, and including Election Day.  None of the projections constitute an endorsement of any candidate:

Public Defender:
Blaise Trettis - Winner Brevard and Seminole County

Republican State House Representative 53:
John Tobia - Winner
Democrat State House Representative 53:
John Paul Alvarez - Winner
Republican Brevard County Clerk of Court:
Scott Ellis - Winner
Republican Brevard County Sheriff:
Wayne Ivey - Winner
Republican Brevard County Property Appraiser:
Dana Blickley - Winner
County Commission District 3:
Trudie Infantini - Winner
Canaveral Port Authority District 2:
Hank Evans - Winner
Canaveral Port Authority District 2:
Bruce Deardoff - Winner
Brevard Republican State Committeewoman:
Carlyle Rogers - Winner
Brevard Republican State Committeeman:
Too Close To Call
Circuit Judge, Group 26
Jim Earp - Winner Brevard & Seminole
County Judge, Group 5
Too Close To Call
County Judge, Group 10
Judy Atkin - Winner

School Board District 3:
Amy Kneesy - Winner

School Board District 4:
Karen Henderson - Winner

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