Ellis: Panic sets in as Race comes to an End

Mitch Needelman
Scott Ellis
Letter to the Editor submitted by Scott Ellis:

Once again, as in 2008, the Clerk’s Race hurtles to its ending with a massive Needelman smear campaign.  This one now tops the last one as I have been accused of criminal activity. 

My lawsuit was one of public records, sandbagged.  There has been no recent editorial in the paper written by me, I submitted one on the public records issue weeks ago and it was not printed.  The ‘assertions’ are ‘dirty campaign politics’, as if producing the delayed invoices and electronic funds transfers never happened.

Mr. Geaney, a former Blueware employee, knows what has happened at Blueware and the Clerk’s Office.  I have no doubt these people are trying to file charges on him, just as they threaten to file charges on me, as they are so corrupted they can do nothing but continue to accuse others of what they have been doing.   Knowing they cannot show his claims to be false they try to claim he was extorting them – evidently with the truth. 

Pretty hard to extort anyone with lies.

The Brevard Times was sent the same e-mail I was from Mr. Geaney. There is no first paragraph. The Brevard Times knows this.

Just what exactly are the 'internal Blueware records' taken, and how would anyone outside the company, including Needelman, know they are such?  What is in those records Needelman wants silenced?  I do note he makes no effort to claim anything in these alleged ‘secret’ records, or any statement of Mr. Geaney, or even myself, is false.

“But what is most disturbing is that there are questions about when and how much Ellis knew about Geaney’s crimes.”  Really?  What ‘crimes’?   Has anyone been convicted?  Has anyone even been charged?

“Terminated for embezzlement” should already have generated criminal charges. Where are they? How does an 'embezzler' extort anyone?

The truth is coming out and coming out shortly. These are desperate times for those who know what has really happened, and their desperation shows in their anonymous blogging and now the Needelman alleged 'opinion' piece.

When all is lost there is nothing to lose.


Needelman: Ellis Complicit in Extortion Plot?

Mitch Needelman and Scott Ellis are both candidates for Brevard County Clerk of Court.  Their candidate profiles can be viewed here: Republican Primary Candidates Brevard County Clerk of Court

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