Brevard Times To Project 2012 Primary Election Winners

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- Brevard Times will be the only news source on the Brevard County Primary Election Day to the project winners of each political race based on independent data collected exclusively by Brevard Times.  The projections are based solely on statistical data and will not constitute an endorsement of any particular candidate.

Brevard Times will release its projections just after the polls close in Brevard County so as to not bias voters who have not cast their ballots.  The U.S. Senate race projection will not be released until after polls close an hour later in the Florida panhandle (which is one hour behind the rest of the State of Florida.)

For those of you who did not start viewing Brevard Times until after the Florida Republican Presidential Primary in January, Brevard Times was one of the most viewed news sources on the web during the Presidential debates due to its popular in-depth political analysis during the Presidential Primary election season in articles such as this:

Brevard Times has become Brevard County's #1 source for local political news on the internet.  Brevard Times has confirmed with independent internet traffic ranking sites that:

1.  Brevard Times' political coverage of the Brevard County races have been viewed more on the web than any other news source.

2. Brevard Times is the #1 overall source of internet traffic to Brevard County political candidates' web sites from a news source.  (In many cases, Brevard Times constitutes the bulk of internet traffic to individual candidates' campaign sites).

Brevard Times will release its political winner projections on Election Day, August 14, 2012 at 7:15 p.m. EDT (8:15 p.m. EDT U.S. Senate Race).

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