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BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- Brevard County voters have been researching elections and candidates before voting on Florida Primary Election Day.

Despite a high-profile Brevard County Sheriff's race and a bitterly-contested Brevard County Clerk of Court race, it was the lower profile races that Brevard County voters researched today.

This suggests that Brevard County voters had made up their minds already about the high-profile races, but were then confronted on their Sample Ballots with races and candidates with which they were not familiar.  So like any responsible voter, they turned to the internet and Brevard Times to research the low-profile races.

Highest Searched Races:

The highest searched races on Brevard Times was for Republican State Committeeman and Committeewoman.  

In addition to search terms for those races and candidate names, other search terms such as "what does a state committeeman do?" accompanied those searches.  

When those search terms became apparent to Brevard Times, an article explaining the role of  state committeeman and committeewoman was added today.

Highest Searched Candidates:

The number one searched candidate today was Republican State Committeeman candidate Stephen Curtis, followed by Republican State Committeewoman candidate Carlyle Rogers.

Chuck Sheridan, who is running for both Canaveral Port Authority and Committeeman, was the third most searched candidate, followed by Mitch Needelman for fourth place.  Scott Ellis was a close fifth followed by Matthew Augnst in sixth place.

Most Viewed Races:

The most viewed race was for Republican State Committeeman, followed by recent articles regarding the Republican Brevard County Clerk of Court race, followed by Republican State Committeewoman in third place.

The Circuit Judge, Circuit 18, Group 26 race was the fourth most viewed, followed by Brevard County Judge, Group 5 in fifth place, and Brevard County Judge, Group 10 in sixth place.

Again, this suggests that Brevard County voters were researching most heavily the Republican State Committee and Judicial races before voting today.

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