Brevard Republican State Committeewoman Race

Brevard County, Florida -- Carlyle “Carlie” Rogers and Regina A. Weiler are challenging each other for GOP nominee in the Brevard County Sheriff's race this election year.  Below are the candidates' information and reasons submitted to Brevard Times as to why they are the best candidate.    

What Does a Florida State Committeewoman Do?

Lee Anderson-Savage did not respond to our request for candidate profile information.

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Name:  Carlyle “Carlie” Rogers

Age:  66

City of Residence:  Melbourne (Suntree)

Occupation:  Brevard County Republican State Committeewoman

Education:  B.S. from The George Washington University

          I have been a homemaker and educator plus a conservative Republican activist for over forty years having held numerous leadership positions in the Republican Party of several states as well as an elected position as a member of the Board of Education in Tolland, CT.  After moving to Florida ten years ago I was elected Republican Precinct Committeewoman in 2003 and I was elected four years ago in 2008 to my most current position as Brevard’s Republican State Committeewoman.  

What makes you the best candidate in 300 words or less?
            I believe I am the most experienced and successful candidate with a long record of growing the Republican Party, electing Republicans, and representing Brevard Republicans with a strong voice at the state Republican Party.  I continue to be committed to giving my all to electing Republican Mitt Romney for President, replacing our Democrat senator with a Republican, and electing Republicans in all our local, state, and federal races.

            I have been married to my husband Jeff Rogers (COL, US Army Retired) for 44 years.  I believe this along with the privilege of having been an Army daughter and Army mother of three married sons with numerous combat deployments to Iraq & Afghanistan has given me a special perspective.  I cannot help but think what a travesty it is for those serving in uniform today to have Barack Obama as their Commander-in-Chief.  We Republicans in Florida need to right that wrong.

            Also, I have served as the Brevard Republican Executive Committee (BREC) liaison to many of Brevard’s numerous Republican Clubs.  This has provided me the opportunity to listen to club members’ concerns plus it has allowed me to keep them informed.  Additionally, I’m happy to report that we’ve been very successful in bringing new people into the Republican Party.

            I’m pleased and honored to have the endorsement of the Ronald Reagan Club and the personal endorsement of John Stemberger, Former Political Director of the Republican Party of Florida -- "Carlie Rogers is no 'Johnnie Come Lately' to the GOP.  She is a seasoned and principled Republican who is well respected around the state and therefore worthy of another term as State Committeewoman."

            As your State Committeewoman I strongly believe that together we can become a RED county, a RED state, and a RED country on November 6, 2012.

Name: Regina A. Weiler, a.k.a. Rocket

Age:  24

City of Residence:  Merritt Island

Occupation:  Instructor at Brevard Community College

Education:  M.A.: Communications Mass Media, Master’s Certificate: Emergency Management/Homeland Security, B.A.: Political Science/Pre-law


I am an instructor at Brevard Community College Palm Bay.  My political experience includes travelling with and working as a Staff member on the Rick Scott gubernatorial campaign.  In addition, I have served as a UCF legislative scholar for Representative Ritch Workman and Representative Scott Plakon.  I am active in political issues on the local level, supporting fiscally conservative candidates whose principles align with the conservative Republicans of Brevard County.

What makes you the best candidate in 300 words or less?

I am an experienced door-to-door and call center campaigner, Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Central East Florida, and an active member of the Brevard Republican Executive Committee serving as Precinct Committeewoman in District 2, Precinct 201.  I am also an active member of Space Coast Patriots, and Brevard 9-12.  I was an early supporter of both Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and an active participant in both successful campaigns.  Governor Scott has recognized me on several occasions for my enthusiastic support.  Within the last 60 days of door to door canvassing.

     I have converted a minimum of 25 independents, NPAs, and non-registered young voters, plus one Democrat, to register to vote as Republicans.  I am a Communications Specialist who has served in the Florida Legislature as the UCF Legislative Scholar under Rep. Ritch Workman and Rep. Scott Plakon.  This experience taught me how to interact with constituents.  I am able to mesh tried and true standards with fresh innovation.  Finally, I am well-versed in popular media techniques to rally young people.

I am running as the “grass roots candidate” because when I look at my local Republican party, I see a stagnation of leadership, and an unwillingness to change and adapt to the coming political future.  Young people in my age group have been stymied, time and again, in their bid to become active participants in local politics, and I aim to change these self-destructive practices.  I will not ignore any Republican, of any age, when I am elected.  Town hall meetings will serve as a community forum, and I will actively participate in all Republican organizations on the Space Coast, not just select clubs.

I have the support of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Space Coast Patriots, Brevard 9/12, and the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Catalyst Fund.

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