Republican Primary Candidates State House, District 53

Name: Tres Holton

Age: 38

City of Residence: City of Palm Bay

Occupation: CEO of The Holton Group, LLC
Education: Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ and Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA - Bachelor of Arts Degree, Political Science; Brevard Community College, Palm Bay, FL - Associate in Arts Degree; US Army, Ft Sam Houston, Tx – Combat Medical Specialist



*Florida Senate, Legislative Assistant II, 2010-2012; Florida House of Representatives, Legislative Assistant (OPS), 2004.
*Brevard County Board of County Commissioners, District 3, Special Assistant, 2004-2007
*Deputy Mayor and Councilmember, City of Palm Bay, FL, 2001-2003
*Charter Review Commissioner for Brevard County (2009-2010) and Palm Bay (2012)
*Multiple city and county committee appointments
*Army National Guard and Reserves, Combat Medical Specialist, 1995-2003

What makes you the best candidate (300 words or less)?
I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as an Elected Deputy Mayor and as a Legislative Aide in the FL House & Senate. My wife and I have lived most of our lives in this District, we share many challenges and understand the issues of our unique community. (Note: Both of my GOP opponents are NOT current and longtime residents of this District). As a parent, military veteran, and business owner – I will champion for better education and healthcare opportunities, support our vets, and will fight against higher taxes/insurance/fees so the private sector can grow our economy. 

Name: John Tobia

Age: 34

City of Residence: Melbourne

Occupation: College Professor

Education: BA and MA in Political Science from the University of Florida

What makes you the best candidate (300 words or less)?

"The biggest challenge of the Florida Legislature will be dealing with a runaway federal government that does not function. First, the State of Florida must create a comprehensive immigration package that mirrors many of the laws set forth in Arizona. Second, energy independence must be realized by drilling off the coast. Next, the Legislature must weaken the stranglehold of public unions located in our state. Finally, in light of the recent Supreme Court decision, the State must use its sovereign authority to circumvent many of the socialist provisions located in Obamacare."

Name:  Laureen Trent

Age: 53

City of Residence: Indialantic - 23 years

Occupation: REO Director and Client Liaison for Trent Realty


Education: Arlington Police Academy in Arlington, Texas and Real Estate School


Organizations affiliated with Past and Present : Women's Council of Realtors, Florida Rep for Women In Default Service, Brevard County Commission Status of Women, Brevard Republican Executive Committee, Key Contact Tallahassee Legislature Space Coast Association of Realtors and Conference committee REOmac;, serves as Assistant NRBA Master Broker for Florida, Make-A-wish, Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Hud, Law Enforcement Explorers.  Married for 36 years to husband, Roy with two children and three Grandchildren

What makes you the best candidate (300 words or less)?

I am anxious, committed and dedicated! I am ready to serve in Tallahassee for my constituents. As a dedicated mother, a devoted wife, family business owner and a concerned resident, I understand the needs of the people here in Brevard. This may be my first attempt to run for any political position, but that is exactly why I am best suited for this position. Because I can make a difference. I believe we need a fresh face and new blood in Tallahassee. I am one who is not swayed and one who will never back off the issues at hand.

I want to open the doors of communication, bridge the gap between the people and the representatives who serve them. It appears our Local Government is out of touch with the real concerns of everyday life. How can someone sitting at a desk in Tallahassee understand the needs of the people? They can't! I would like to change that! It takes a servant to be a representative of the people, not just a representative who pretends to render a service. I have a servants heart and I will not let you down. If you want change for the better, Thank you and God Bless. Please see my website for my plan for jobs and more!

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