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Clyde Thodey

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Name: Frank Zilaitis

Age: 52

City of Residence: Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Occupation: Counselor and Attorney at Law. Zilaitis Law, P.A.

Education: BSEE, Drexel University, 1983
                    MSEE, University of Southern California, 1985
                    MBA, University of Bridgeport, 1990
                    Juris Doctor, Quinnipiac University, 1999

Experience: Private practice of law for over ten years.  Former Brevard County Assistant State Attorney.  Previously program/project manager in aerospace/defense industry for over twenty years. Brevard County Charter Review Commission, 2009-2010.  Brevard Public Schools Audit Committee, 2010 to present

What makes you the best candidate in 300 words or less?

I have been actively involved in Republican Party politics at the state level for three and a half years.  I believe I have the best understanding of the issues with which the Republican Party of Florida (RPoF) is dealing.  Many are "self-inflicted" wounds resulting from a failure to articulate a philosophy underlying the general rallying cry of "less government and more freedom."  Although we have a good track record of electing Republicans to federal, state, county and municipal offices, many times these elected officials fail to vote in accordance with the concepts of less government and more freedom.  I want to work at the state level with other like-minded state committeemen, state committeewomen and county party chairs to adopt the philosophy of Objectivism (as articulated by Ayn Rand) as the baseline for our party’s principles.  This requires a four-pronged approach: 1) Adopt the metaphysical principle of objective reality; i.e., reality exists independent of human consciousness.  Facts are facts and we must deal with them.  We cannot simply wish they are different or that they will mysteriously go away; 2) Adopt the epistemological principle of reason;  i.e., making decisions based upon reason as opposed to making decisions based upon feelings or emotions; 3) Adopt the ethical principle of rational self-interest; i.e., your life is the standard of value.  Your happiness is the highest moral purpose of your life within the bounds of respecting the right of another to live the same way; and 4) Adopt the political principle of pure laissez-faire capitalism; i.e., free markets mean free markets unobstructed by government intervention.  The socialistic approach promoted by today’s major political parties is nothing more than legalized theft.  We must stop theft!  If you believe what I have written, please vote Frank Zilaitis for Brevard County Republican State Committeeman.  Thank you.

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