Republican Primary Candidates Brevard County Clerk of Court

Scott Ellis

Name: Scott Ellis

Age: 54

City of Residence: Melbourne

Occupation: Software Engineer


Financial Report



BS Computer Science and Master’s Business Administration, both UCF.



USAF 1976-1980, RCA CCAFS software 1984-1987, Grumman Joint STARS 1987-1992, County Commission 1992-1996, Joint STARS 1996-1999, Harris 2000, Clerk of Court 2001-2010.

What makes you the best candidate in 300 words or less?

The Brevard County Clerk’s Office is a ship in search of a captain. Organizations thrive or wither on leadership or lack of. Leaders earn the respect of their organization through hard work, diligent decisions, recognizing others successes and taking responsibility. Leaders do not use fear or intimidation. Those who work for strong leaders desire to do their best job possible out of respect for their leadership and co-workers.

The Clerk's Office is severely lacking in leadership: productivity and morale has plummeted while errors and backlogs proliferate.

Rebuilding the operations, morale, and finances of the Clerk’s Office is the number one challenge.

The loss of over 25% of trained personnel in less than 18 months has been devastating to productivity and accuracy. The imposition of management by intimidation has eliminated open communication and introduced the burying of a slew of errors. The finances have been bled by multi-million dollar no-bid contracts for labor and multi-million dollar sham-bid contracts for the completely unnecessary imaging of old dead court files. Both contracts will be terminated as we seek to recover from the losses inflicted in so many areas of the Clerk’s Office.

The job of the Clerk’s Office is to serve the public and ensure smooth operations for the courts paperwork and the County’s finances. Information which used to be provided free or with minimal costs will be restored. Public records requests will be timely and inexpensive. By slashing the added expensive layer of new upper management added the funding may again properly staff customer service areas and provide accurate, timely information to the courts.

I have the leadership, technical, and financial background having successfully rebuilt the office from a severe meltdown in 1999. By leading through example, we can restore the productivity and efficiency of the clerk's office.


Name: Mitch Needelman

Age: 59

City of Residence: Melbourne

Occupation: Brevard County Clerk of Circuit and County Courts


Financial Report


Webster University – Dual Master Degree w/Distinguished Honors:
Human Resources Development/
Public Administration
Warner Southern College – B.A.: Organizational Management
Miami-Dade Community College – A.A.: Criminology



Brevard County Clerk of Circuit and County Courts
State of Florida State Representative – District 31
Florida Marine Patrol – State Law Enforcement
CEO Needelman/Needelman Associates, Inc.
Founder/Co-Director 4 the KIDS of Brevard, Inc.
National Management Consultant; 180-Degree Program LLC
Managing Partner Eligere Strategies LLC.
Public Policy/Budget Development and Execution
Juvenile Justice/Adult Education/Counseling- Prevention Models
Media/Public/Government Relations


What makes you the best candidate in 300 words or less?
From my position as your former State Representative for District 31, I watched all the State’s Clerk of Courts operations for eight years. Because of my involvement with the budget process at the State level, I saw firsthand the massive borrowing of taxpayer’s money that occurred to keep Brevard County’s Clerk of Courts office open.

Since becoming Clerk after my predecessor quit in the middle of his third term, I have proved to you and to myself that what I observed for those eight years was an accurate portrayal of his mismanagement of this office. I corrected the deficiencies and positioned the Clerk’s office to withstand the crumbling economy for the foreseeable future. I gave all employees the salaries and benefits they have earned but never received prior to my administration. I run a lean crew. We pared away the fat of the previous administration; we now meet and exceed state standards of performance. Brevard is one of the few Clerk’s Offices in Florida that will not have layoffs, terminations or reduction in services in the coming year.

We are on the threshold of digitizing our records. The previous Clerk managed records by building huge storage warehouses at great cost to the taxpayers to stack paper copies of citizen’s critical documents, exposing them to vermin and insects, as well as leaking roofs and potential destruction by hurricanes. By investing a little more, he could have begun digitization years ago. Now my opponent wants to go back in time to his previous management style for this office. We need to move forward, not backward. I have resources and experts to move us in that direction. With your vote I will keep Brevard on the path of financial security and technological advancement into the future.

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