Opinion: Why I Support Ellis, Blickley, Ivey, Trettis, Kneessy, Romney

Letter to the Editor:

I support:
Scott Ellis for Clerk..... 10 years of honest hard work. The fact that the crook in there now, is likely to by indicted.

Dana Blickey for Property Appraiser..... she has the education, OJT and work environment experience along with the integrity of running that office.  Jason is  a liar and crook, Ford is a double dipper, who everyone agrees needs to go.

Wayne Ivey for Sheriff...... Wayne has multiple large endorsements, 30 years with FDLE, knowledge, experience, trust of BCSO command staff.  His opponent is also a liar, with not exposing his vile disciplinary file against him.  If any woman read Maddox's file, he would not receive one vote from a woman.

Blaise Trettis for Public Defender....... Blaise  was hand picked by J.R. Russo. For better than twenty years he has given to the honor of Justice.  I know we will need Blaise, so our jail does not overflow again.  His opponent is too big a civil lawyer.

Amy Kneessy for School Board...... For eight years she has been fair, tough, and consistent. Our kids need her on that board.

And of course..... Mitt Romney for POTUS..... because "without Change, there will be no Hope"  Our country will not survive another four years of that debt, lies, and cover ups.  We need a new cabinet as well. 


Dale Davis
Melbourne, Florida

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