Florida U.S. Senate Democratic Primary Candidates

Glenn A. Burkett


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What makes you the best candidate (300 words or less)?

"The timing is so right for who I am. I have years of experience with a successful business as a Natural Health innovator and educator. I have the willingness to stand up for all of us to have a better way of life and for our children and grandchildren. Our middle class financial status has been set back 30 years. I do not believe that one political party or the other has all the right ideas and solutions. I support the Bush tax cuts. We do not need more taxes. We need accountability for what our tax money is being spent on. I understand accountability; I practice it everyday in my successful Natural Health business. I am an innovator that thinks outside the box.

I have only one Democrat opponent Bill Nelson whom is a career politician. When he was
Insurance Commissioner he allowed the big property insurance companies to become subsidiaries in Florida. As an example State Farm would not go out of business nationally with a catastrophic storm striking Florida, only State Farm of Florida would be affected and then it would depend of Florida’s taxpayers to cover the losses. To make matters worse Governor Charlie Crist capped Citizens Insurance rate increases leaving insufficient coverage and again Florida taxpayers would have to cover the losses. A lot of the expensive coastal home owners have changed over to Citizens Insurance to avoid higher rates from other insurance companies.

Those of you whom are insured with State Farm (for example) will pay State Farm cost plus an add on cost that goes to State run Citizens Insurance. Senator Nelson and Charlie Crist have a lot in common.

I support private enterprise such as Space-X to take over for NASA. Nelson wanted to continue spending on the outdated space shuttle program."

Bill Nelson


Financial Reports 

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