Gary Harrell Drops Out Of Sheriff's Race, Endorses Wayne Ivey

This week, the "Wayne Ivey for Sheriff Campaign Team" announced that former Sheriff's candidate and Brevard County Law Enforcement Officer Gary Harrell endorsed former Resident Agent in Charge Wayne Ivey from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in his candidacy for Brevard County Sheriff.

Sergeant Gary Harrell stated, "In August of last year, I filed and announced as a Republican candidate for Brevard County Sheriff. Being an Army veteran and having proudly served more than thirty years as a law enforcement officer, including significant time as a homicide investigator and patrol supervisor here in Brevard, I believed that I could well serve the agency and citizens as their Sheriff with my experience and passion for the job.

“During the campaign process I have spent a lot of time with Wayne Ivey and got to know him on a more personal level.  I found myself agreeing with his innovative vision for the Sheriff's Office and appreciating his skill at galvanizing people in support of the agency's mission.  He has conducted himself with class and composure during this rigorous race and has truly earned my respect.  He possesses a great combination of charismatic leadership, a genuine concern for the needs of our employees at every level of operation, and the know-how experience to get things accomplished.

“I have made the decision to exit the Sheriff's race and do so feeling excited that Wayne will confidently move our outstanding agency forward.  I ask my supporters who have worked so hard and all my friends in this community whom I have met during this great adventure to join me in supporting Wayne Ivey for Brevard County Sheriff."

Wayne Ivey stated, "I am honored to have received the endorsement of Brevard County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Gary Harrell.  Gary is an outstanding and accomplished law enforcement officer who has served and protected our communities for many years.  Gary has represented the agency and his family in a very professional manner during this campaign and cares as passionately for our communities and the Sheriff's Office as I do.  The Team Ivey family has grown today and proudly welcomes the addition of Sergeant Gary Harrell and his lovely family."

Wayne Ivey has previously received the endorsements of hundreds of Community Leaders and Law Enforcement Officers, to include Florida Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam, FDLE Commissioner Tim Moore (ret.), Florida House Representative Steve Crisafulli, and is strongly supported by current and former Brevard County Chiefs of Police.  All of Wayne Ivey's endorsements can be found on his endorsement page at

Harrell had garnered anywhere from 5 to 10 percent of the ongoing viewer poll for Brevard County Sheriff.  BrevardTimes has elected to leave the poll as is because previous Harrell supporters are still able to change their vote to another Brevard County Sheriff's candidate rather than starting the poll all over again. made the decision to keep the poll as is because all of the candidates' camps and their supporters have put a tremendous effort in showing their support for their respective candidate.

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