Why Should Ron Paul Supporters Stay In The GOP?

MELBOURNE, Florida  -- As many frustrated conservatives watch Wall Street buy the Republican nomination for Mitt Romney who indisputably could not have sealed the election without a Super PAC dominating the airwaves with negative attack ads against his rivals, many conservatives, including Ron Paul supporters are wondering, "Why should I stay in the Republican Party when the Republican Party has seem to have left me?"

The answer is quite simple.  This election cycle Ron Paul activists have learned more about the inner workings of party politics in years past.  Chances are they have met new people along the way with shared goals in mind.  This new knowledge, experience, and networking is a powerful tool that should not be squandered by a disappointed GOP primary election result.  Currently, it is still more pragmatic to continue to try to steer the Republican Party back to its true conservative values than to try to create a new politcal party.

As many have learned, there is a tremendous age gap within local Republican party members due mostly to eight years of big government spending by 'Republican' President George Bush which caused a lack of excitement amongst younger conservatives to join in local party politics this past decade.

In many cases, if Ron Paul supporters joined their local Republican parties, their numbers would instantly exceed those of existing members which in turn would guarantee election of Paul supporters to local party officers.

Also during this election cycle, Paul supporters may have come across local candidates currently running for office who publicly supported Ron Paul even though such support is not popular amongst the Republican establishment.  In Brevard County for example, Harry Santiago, Jr. and Missy Wilson who are running for Palm Bay City Council Seats and Laureen Trent of Indialantic, Florida, who is running for Florida House District 31, are all adamant Ron Paul supporters.  

Ron Paul supporters would be able to preserve their newly created network by helping each other get elected to political and party offices which in turn would establish a growing network for more Paul supporters to run and get elected to other offices next election cycle.

In addition to local connections, Paul supporters will now have an opportunity to meet with each other on a national scale come this August where a Paul Festival will be held in Tampa August 24-26, 2012, the weekend before the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Event organizers are now reaching out to celebrities and musical groups who support Ron Paul to perform at the festival.  Event details are preliminary, but can be found here: http://www.paulfestival.com/

Brevard Times Endorses Ron Paul For GOP Nominee

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