Ron Paul Vows To Fight On After Santorum Drops Out

The Ron Paul 2012 Republican Presidential Campaign has vowed to carry on in the race to Tampa, Florida after former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum announced today that he is suspending his campaign after losing the delegate battle to Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Paul's campaign released the following statement today: 

"Congratulations to Senator Santorum on running such a spirited campaign.  Dr. Paul is now the last – and real – conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.  We plan to continue running hard, secure delegates, and press the fight for limited, constitutional government in Tampa."

There has been many in the Republican Party establishment calling for all three candidates to drop out of the race and leave the nomination to Romney.  Mainstream media editorial columns in recent days have also questioned why Santorum remained in the race. 

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had already taken his campaign for GOP Presidential nominee down a notch last month after his campaign had difficulties raising campaign donations.

This now leaves Ron Paul as the only other GOP Presidential candidate actively campaigning against Romney.

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