Mitt Romney Wins Most Super Tuesday Delegates

All 2012 Super Tuesday GOP races on March 6 were proportional races with the exception of the Virgina Republican primary which converted from proportional to winner-take-all when Mitt Romney won the state with 59% of the vote to 41% for Ron Paul.  Virginia was the biggest win for Ron Paul this election cycle due mainly to the fact that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were unable to get on the Virginia ballot.

Mitt Romney's best victory last night was in his home state of Massachusetts where he won 72% of the vote followed by Rick Santorum at 12% and Ron Paul at 10%.  Romney also won big in the Mormon-rich state of Idaho with 62% of the vote while Rick Santorum and Ron Paul virtually tied at 18%.

Romney barely won Ohio with 38% of the vote to Santorum's 37%, resulting in a virtual delegate tie in that state.  Romney's worst showing was in North Dakota where he came in third with 24% behind Ron Paul at 28%, and Santorum running first with 40%.

Paul and Santorum tied for second place in Vermont with 25% to 24%, respectively.  Romney won the state with 40% of the vote. 

Rick Santorum won Oklahoma with 34% of the vote, followed by Romney at 28% and Newt Gingrich at 27%. Santorum also took Tennessee with 37% of the vote, followed by Romney at 28% and Newt Gingrich at 24%.

Alaska, with less than fifteen thousand people voting in last night's caucus, was a virtual three-way tie delegate tie between Romney (32%), Santorum (29%), and Paul (24%). 

Gingrich's big win last night was in his home state of Georgia with 47% of the vote, followed by Romney at 26% and Santorum at 20%.
Decisive momentum has eluded Romney despite heavy spending by the Romney campaign and pro-Romney Super PAC early in the 2012 Republican Presidential race.  While Romney was expected to grab around 200 delegates, that is still not enough to claim momentum over Santorum on an election day where two of the four candidates were running in their home states (Romney - Massachusetts, Newt Gingrich - Georgia).

The biggest suprise last night was the Virginia race where Ron Paul was not expected to garner 41% of the vote.  The two man race in that state show demonstrates an unwillingness on the part of Republican voter to coalesce behind Romney this late in the race.

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