Voter Fraud In Maine Caucus Investigated

A local FOX news station in Ohio investigated allegations of voter fraud in the Maine Caucus.  During its investigation, it found that many cities had not been counted in the vote tally which supposedly elected Mitt Romney over Ron Paul.

Brevard Times corrected its article on the Maine results last Sunday from Mitt Romney wins to Mitt Romney did not win the Maine Caucus.

The allegations are disturbing that the Republican Party in Maine, like Iowa, delayed announcing that Mitt Romney had actually lost those races.  The delayed Iowa results stole momentum from Rick Santorum going into New Hampshire while creating the illusion that Mitt Romney had the momentum.

Now, the Maine Republican Party will not address the additional votes which will take place this coming Saturday and announce an actual winner of its Caucus until after Super Tuesday.  Like Iowa, this could potentially steal momentum from Ron Paul if he actually won Maine while creating the illusion that Romney stopped his slide after losing to Santorum in Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.

The Florida Republican Party also had a hand in breaking the rules to favor Romney by making its primary winner-take-all even though the rules strictly prohibit an early winner-take-all delegate award.

The city-by-city Maine Caucus results are posted below where it shows many towns had not been counted.  The full Fox News segment regarding voter fraud in Maine can be found here.

Me Gop Caucus Results

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