Ron Paul Super PAC To Conduct Exit Polling At Future Elections

The Ron Paul Super PAC known as 'Revolution Super PAC' announced in a press release that it will conduct exit polling at the future primary and caucus elections to ensure against voter fraud after voting irregularities occurred during the Iowa and Nevada caucuses.

“Revolution PAC finds the litany of dissimilarities surrounding several ballot counts, suspect state party resignations, voters being asked to sign ‘religious declarations,’ in addition to precinct totals outnumbering actual registered voters documented by county election officials to be outrageous, unacceptable and patently un-American,” explains Revolution PAC Chair Gary Franchi. “This is no way in which to conduct any election, let alone a presidential primary nominating process.”

Revolution PAC, aided by a nationally recognized research firm with more than 60 years of experience in the political process, will have boots on the ground in several of the upcoming states prior to Super Tuesday March 6 serving in both poll watching and exit polling capacities according to the organization's website.

“Going forward,” continues Franchi, “we will be ready to take immediate action and challenge any irregularities.”

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