Mitt Romney Sinks In Recent Polls

It's no day at Pebble Beach for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Presidential golf game to the White House.  

Romney now trails former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum 39% to 24% in the latest Michigan Public Policy Poll conducted February 10-12.

In Georgia, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich leads Romney by a wide margin of 43% to 29% in a Mason-Dixon poll conducted February 6-8.

In California, where Proposition 8 against gay marriage was struck down by a U.S. Court of Appeals thereby thrusting social issues into the Golden State's Republican Presidential Primary politics, Santorum and Romney are now in a statistical tie of 31% to 33% in a SurveyUSA poll conducted February 8-9.

Romney is also losing the 'electability' claim to fame where he was in a statistical tie with President Barack Obama back in January.  Now, Obama dominates Romney 48% to 42% in a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted February 10-12 and 52% to 44% in a Pew Research poll conducted February 8-12.

These recent polls demonstrate just how regionalized the GOP candidates' popularity has become.  Additionally, Romney's loss of momentum shows that the newly created establishment firewall state of the winner-take-all Florida primary did not work.

In 1980, South Carolina became the 'firewall' state just as cable television began to explode in order for the political establishment to maintain control over presidential primary elections.  

With more and more Americans getting their news from the internet, a larger, much more expensive primary had to be created to favor candidates who received the most amount of money from special interests early in the election cycle to ensure the survival of the party boss and lobbyist political machines.

So why is Romney losing the Presidential golf game when he has the best set of golf clubs that the Too Big To Fail banks can buy and a Florida fairway made just for him? The answer is that the other candidates aren't playing golf.

Santorum ran a retail, on the ground campaign where he pulled a 'Happy Gilmore' with a Pennsylvania hockey stick on holes 1, 6, 7, and 8 known as Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Colorado.  Gingrich took a baseball bat to the media in South Carolina and hit a home run on hole 3.

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign sees the game as  put-put golf.  It skipped the handicapped Florida fairway and is lining up one caucus state delegate golf ball after another at the trick side hole that propels the balls to the end of the game where the lights flash with bells and whistles.

The other reason Romney is losing is that Republicans do not see Romney as a conservative candidate.  GOP voters get as excited about conservative candidates in recent elections as though it were a woolly mammoth siting instead of the recent disappointing RINOs.

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