Missy Wilson to run for Palm Bay City Council Seat 3

PALM BAY, Florida -  “It’s time for Palm Bay City Council to represent the residents, not special interests”, said Missy Wilson, Palm Bay resident and mother of three.

For years, Missy Wilson has attended county and city meetings speaking out on behalf of the tax payers; calling for more fiscally sound decisions from elected officials. She believes those pleas have gone unanswered. 

“Like the rest of the state, Palm Bay has seen declining tax revenue due to lower property values. Palm Bay has increased the millage rate to near maximum state levels but we still face a shortfall. We need to make tough choices about how we spend the money that comes in. Due to decisions of the majority of current council there is no money in the upcoming budget for roads; employees have been asked to take furloughs and it still puts us in a deficit for the next budget year. Council members have to be willing to make the smart cuts that can restore prosperity to Palm Bay and make it a business friendly atmosphere”.

Ms. Wilson believes she brings something to the table that the sitting council members do not, “I understand that all of the money spent by council is money earned by someone else. We are spending their money and they expect us to do so wisely”.

“I look forward to working with other council members and the city manager to find solutions to budget shortfalls. And I can promise those solutions will not include taking more money from already financially strapped families. Most of all, I look forward to citizens input about the concerns facing our city”.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This political press release was treated as a Letter to the Editor.  Any candidate running for political office in Brevard County may submit an article to Brevard Times which will be published at no charge while Brevard Times will attempt its utmost to maintain a balance of even publicity in the ethical pursuit of fairness.

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