Financial Disclosures Released: See How Brevard Donated

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- The Federal Elections Commission has released financial disclosure information for the U.S. Presidential candidates up to January 31, 2012.  

Once again, Brevard County residents donated more to Texas Congressman Ron Paul than any other Republican candidate.  Former Godfather Pizza CEO Hermain Cain came in second.  

Although former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former House Speaker New Gingrich were the only GOP candidates to make a campaign stop in Brevard during the Florida Presidential Primary, both of them came in a distant third and fourth place out of the GOP field.

Former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, who now leads the Republican race in recent polls, only received $1,500 from Brevard County.

Barack Obama$47,910
Ron Paul$26,603
Herman Cain$26,387
Mitt Romney$12,350
Newt Gingrich$10,750
Michele Bachmann$6,543
Tim Pawlenty$6,000
Rick Perry$2,750
Rick Santorum$1,500

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