Ron Paul Surges To Third Place In South Carolina Primary Poll

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has surged to third place in South Carolina according to a poll released by the the American Research Group today.  Two separate polls were conducted by the American Research Group on January 4-5 and January 11-12.   The ARG poll has Romney at 29%, Gingrich at 25%, and Paul at 20%.

The Ron Paul 2012 campaign appears to be gaining traction in the South Carolina Presidential Republican Primary in another poll released by Rasmussen Reports today.  Two separate polls were conducted by Rasmussen on January 5 and January 12.

Ron Paul enjoyed the largest jump in the polls amongst all of the GOP presidential candidates, where he rose from 9% to 20% (ARG) and 11% to 16% (Rasmussen) in that one week time period. 

Rick Santorum suffered the largest decline amongst all of the Republican candidates in the polls.  Santorum's polling numbers have fallen 17 (ARG) and 8 (Rasmussen) percentage points in one week.

Newt Gingrich also gained some ground where he rose from 24% to 25% (ARG) and 18% to 21% (Rasmussen), which may indicate that Gingrich's campaign in South Carolina, just like Ron Paul's campaign, is gaining momentum at just the right time eight days before the January 21st South Carolina Presidential Primary.

Rick Perry (6% Rasmussen, 9% ARG) and Jon Huntsman (5% Rasmussen, 1% ARG) still appear to be having a problem breaking out of the single digits.

                    1/5                     1/12         Change
Romney       27                       28             +1
Gingrich       18                       21             +3
Paul             11                       16             +5
Santorum     24                       16              -8
Perry             5                         6              +1
Huntsman      2                         5              +3


                    1/4-5             1/11-12        Change
Romney       31                       29            -2
Gingrich       24                       25            +1
Paul              9                        20          +11
Santorum     24                        7            -17
Perry             2                         9            +8
Huntsman      2                         1             -1


Rasmussen January 12 Poll :

Rasmussen January 5 Poll: 

ARG Polls:


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