Romney Derades OBGYNs During South Carolina Debate

CHARLESTON, S.C.  -- So who won the CNN South Carolina Debate last night?

Republican Presidential Nominee hopeful Mitt Romney degraded the OBGYN profession by snidely referring to Dr. Ron Paul as though nothing but neuro and cardiac surgeons are good enough to play golf with Romney when he said the following, "not the surgical suite, excuse me, the birthing suite" (unforutnately words are not available to accurately describe the nuance and tone taken by Romney when he made the statement).  This statement, when studied, will run amongst the ranks of Romney's $10k bet and 'I like to fire people' gaffes. The statement can be heard in the following clip:

Romney's tone and manner continues to reinforce the image of a Wall Street elitist with nothing but contempt for anyone less than a millionaire. Romney's other gaffe tonight: "Someone who has lived in the real streets of America" as though he had to dodge drug dealers and hit the deck during drive by shootings.

Romney was booed by the audience by his studdering doge ball answer on whether he would relase his tax returns.  If Romney's campaign was as savvy as Gingrich, he would have released them just before the debate like Gingrich so that the other campaign camps and journalists would not have had enough time to prep for them.

Florida is full of veterans and medical professionals of which you are neither, Mr. Romney.  Welcome to Florida, now go home with your snow globe.

Rick Santorum held his own tonight - but not as good as Monday's debate.  After tonight's debate, Santorum's strong performance relative to Romney's has changed the question from 'When will Santorum drop out?' to 'When will Romney drop out?'

Newt Gingrich, like Santorum, had a good performance tonight but not as good as last Monday's debate.  Lesson to candidates: Do not let Gingrich go last! Gingrich is the Churchill orator of our time - he is literally writing his response in his head based upon the immediate prior statements of the other candidates. When Gingrich yielded his time to Santorum, Santorum should have insisted that Gingrich answer the question right then and there.

Ron Paul did much better tonight on delivering his message than last Monday. He hit a ton of zingers referring to his military service and medical career.  The most egalitarian, 'power to the people moment' happened when the audience protested John King moving on to an internet question without asking the only doctor on stage about the issue of abortion.

Performance grades for tonight's debate:
Gingrich, Paul, Santorum B+
Romney D-

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