New York Times Reporter: "We Should Have Done More Earlier" On Ron Paul

During this Sunday morning's round of media political talk shows where the media elite in Washington, D.C. and New York City host discussions with other members of the media elite from Washington and New York about what the rest of the country should think of the candidates, CNN's Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz asked New York Times Political Reporter Michael D. Shear several questions about the media's handling of the coverage of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Michael D. Shear responded quite succinctly and candidly when he summed up the media elite's political agenda as this:

"If Ron Paul wins this Caucus, we'll all go back and look at ourselves and say, "Maybe we should have done more earlier.""

In the interest of fairness, contacted Mr. Shear and asked if he would like to comment on this article, to which he replied, "I think I'll pass.  But thanks for the opportunity."

Since this last update, Mr. Shear has issued the following response:

"In a conversation about how well the media has allocated its resources to cover all the candidates, I said we may look back and wish we had spent more time doing in-depth reporting on several of the candidates who now are leading, including Ron Paul and Rick Santorum."

Notwithstanding article and the juxtaposition of Mr.  Shear's version of his statement, here is the actual video from CNN which will allow our viewers to determine just who is more accurate in their reporting:

Jon Stewart Jokes About Mainstream Media Ignoring Ron Paul

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