New Hampshire January 7, 2012 Republican Debate Highlights: Part III

The first New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Debate was held tonight, January 7, 2012, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Moderators: Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Josh McElveen

Romney:  People build enterprises.  Obama wants to build welfare state.
Gingrich: Infrastructure:   We need 21st infratructure to compete with other contries like China and India.

Huntsman: Expand economic base to pay our bills.  Clean out loopholes. We have a corrupt tax code. Do Simpson-Bowles recommendations.

George Stephanopoulos:  Does anyone else agree with simpson-bowles?

Santorum: I dont agree with that.  Cut Corporate income tax in half.

Roney:  We are inches away from being a free economy.  Bring employer tax rates down.  Eliminate taxes on capital gains.  Broaden the tax burden [on more Americans].

Paul: Bailouts, Federal Reserve. We have to liquidate debt.  We have to have real cuts.  

Perry:  Allow federal lands and waters open up to energy. 

Huntsman: We were the top job creator in the country. [??]  China is going down, unemployment is going up. WSJ endorsed my tax plan.

George Stephanopoulos: Why not close all loopholes?

Romney: Let me step back a minute.  This election is about the soul of America.  We are becoming like Europe.  [Recites preamble.] The question is are we going to remain an exceptional nation? I hope those here on stage share that vision?  [Never answered steph's question].

Gingrich:  WSJ said I had a pro jobs plan.  WSJ said Romney more like Obama.

Santorum:  I agree with Gingrich, not Romney.  We are no class in America.  Class warfare is Obama.  I worked in the coal fields if you will. [??] 

Romney:  Tax policy to help people right now.  [like a pawn shop dealer giving a fast nickel for a slow dime].  I understand how the economy works.  I have been on the front line of the economy. This is a critical time.

Romney hammers Huntsman on China:  Everyone on this stage, but you, supported Republicans.

Huntsman:  As they way would say in China [Huntsman speaks Chinese]. 

Romney:  China doesnt want the trade war, they sell us lots, us little.

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