New Hampshire January 7, 2012 Republican Debate Highlights: Part II

The first New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Debate was held tonight, January 7, 2012, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Moderators: Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Josh McElveen

George Stephanopoulos: States right? What if states have rights to ban controcpetives?

Romney: [Panics, stumbles, turns to Ron Paul.  Too incoherent and panicked to quote]  Last part, Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

Paul:  Right to privacy given by 4th amendment.

Santorum: What's the question?  We have a right to privacy under Griswold.  

Sawyer:  Oppose gay marriage.  What is the solution?

Gingrich:  Marriage is based on man and woman.  Worth protecting.

Huntsman:  Civil unions [amongst gays] are fair.  I support them. I am a traditionalist [personally].

Santorum: Marriage is a federal issue, not state.  [Then reversed] state over federal.

Romney:  Gay people.  It is a wonderful thing to do to form long term relationships.  There can be domestic partnership relationships.  We don't want to discriminate.  Gay people are not just as loving.  

Gingrich:  News Media bias:  Should the Catholic church be driven out of biz because it does not support gay marriage? [Appplause].

Romney: We have to recognize that marriage has a whole host of consequences.  

Paul: I have been asked 30 times about running independent.  No reason a person can reserve a judgment.  I want to see changes in foreign policy and federal reserve. I propose we cut 1 trillion if you are a real Republican.

Perry: Everyone on stage is better than what we have in place.  Obama's war on religion [Christian religion] is going to stop under a Perry administration.

Huntsman: I believe it is time to come home [Afghanistan and Iraq].  

Romney: Bring troops home as soon as we possibly can.

Huntsman: The president of the U.S. is the commander in chief.  I think civil war is around the corner in Afghanistan. Lets recognize our [war] accomplishments and move on.

Gingrich:  If Iran closes Straight of Hormuz, devastating to industrial nations.  We need a fundamentally new strategy.

Santorum:  President has made mistakes on the ground in middle east.  Push, Push. America is soft.  

Huntsman: When do you want to wait [Santorum]?

Santorum: Confront Islam. We are trying to fight a politically correct war [referring to muslims].

Perry:  Blood and treasure spent on Iraq and Afghanistan.  We will see [mid-east powers] move back in at the speed of light.

Gingrich: Get an American energy policy so that no American bows to a Saudi King.  [Applause].

Romney:  [Stumbles, incoherent]. You cant get into specifics [on mideast].  I find it extraordinary of the Americans put in harms way.

Paul: Its not that complicated.  The president is a president, not a king.  We fought a revolution over that issue.  Congress still has not declared war over Afghanistan and Iraq.  Sanctions leads up to war.  Europe will destabilize [over our sanctions with Iran].  Refers to the rescuing of Iranian seamen as a refreshing  way to deal with Iran.

Santorum:  If we had your policy [Paul] there wouldn't be a fleet to rescue them.

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