New Hampshire January 7, 2012 Republican Debate Highlights Part I

New Hampshire Januray 7, 2012 Republican Debate Highlights:
The first New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Debate was held tonight, January 7, 2012, at 9 p.m. E.S.T. in Manchester, New Hampshire.
Moderators: Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopilis, Josh McElveen

Romney:  I'm optimistic about the economy.  

Santorum: We need a leader, not CEO for country - I'm talking about Romney.  You have to lead and inspire.  Iran most pressing issue of the day. 

Romney: Those who spend their life in Washington do not understand the real economy.  People in the private sector are succesful because they are leaders.

Gingrich: I am very much for businiess.  I am not for LBO's, like Bain Capital bankrupting companies. 1,700 people left unemployed.

Romney: It always pains you to downsize to make a company profitable again.

Stephanopolous: There has been questions about your job creation numbers.

Romney: Sports authority, 15k.

Huntsman: It is fair to have a conversation about one's record.  All records should be scrutinized. I delivered my state to number one in job creation.  

Romney:  I congratulate  Huntsman on his state.  You need someone to understand how the economy works.

Paul: Santorum, was called out by someone as the most corrupt.  He preached balanced budget, then raised the debt.  He voted for no child left behind act.  He is a big government person who took a lot of money from lobbyists.

Santorum: It is a ridiculous charge.  I am a Republican, not a Libertarian.  I believe in government in some small parts. Board of Directors are not lobbyists.  

Paul: You [Santorum]  are a big spender.  Someone has to point out your record. 

Santorum: My record is pretty darn good. I was rated at the top for spending groups.

Perry: I think you see a great example of why I am in the race.  We need someone to beat Obama.   We have to stop the D.C. corruption.  I have been the commander in chief [referring to TX Nat Guard].  I call Paul an insider.

Paul:  Congress should have more responsibility. This is what the Tea Party movement is about.

Santorum:  I actually worked on SS reform during surplus [referring to Clinton admin].  Routine debt ceiling increase have happened throughout the years. 

Huntsman:  Commander in Chief is more than gobbledegook.  I took my economy to the number one position.  This nation is looking for leadership that can be trusted.  They no longer trust our elected officials.   Everybody knows that Congress needs term limits.  [Due to experience in China] I believe I have the most experience with foreign policy.

Romney:  He [Huntsman] never ran a business.  [Romney strangely turns on Obama.  Obama is not tough enough on Iran. Doesn't address Huntsman.]

Perry: [Regarding military experience] [Ignores softball ques, goes after Obama].

Gingrich: My father served [not him] Im an Army brat. We will reopen hospital in NH.  

Paul:  I think when people who didn't serve when they could, shouldn't send Americans to war.  We have lost 8,500 Americans, 40k casualties in undeclared wars.  I have a pet peeve.  When I see these young men come back it hurts my heart.

Gingrich:  I didnt ask for five deferments.  I had just had a kid.

Paul:  When I was drafted, I was married and had five kids, and went. [applause]

Paul:  Newsletters.  I am most like Martin Luther King due to peaceful resistance.  Blacks are disproportionaly prosecuted in our criminal justice system versus a rich white kid.

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