Mitt Romney Visits Cape Canaveral

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL -- Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney came for a brief visit to the Space Coast of Florida today.  The former Massachusetts Governor held a rally at Astro Tech on the north side of Port Canaveral.  

Speaking to an audience of about 300 Brevard County residents, Romney acted celebratory when he said "How about that debate last night?" which was applauded with melancholy.  The energy at Romney's debate was not even close to the clamor and giddy grandmothers on display at Gingrich's rally two days ago in Cocoa, Florida.

Romney himself appeared a little worn out (just like the rest of the candidates) on the grueling campaign trail that takes little breaks now that Florida has an early winner-take-all primary.

Romney called out Gingrich on his repeated campaign promises made to the audience at hand, including Gingrich's promises to invigorate the Space Program.  

Just a couple miles away from Kennedy Space Center, Romney spoke candidly to the audience, "To get a vote from the Space Coast, I would promise hundreds of billions of dollars,  I'm not doing that."

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