Jon Huntsman To Withdraw From Republican Presidential Race

BREAKING NEWS:  According to a report by the Associated Press, an anonymous campaign staffer has indicated that Jon Huntsman will announce on Monday January 16, 2012, that he is ending his bid for the GOP nomination.

Huntsman declared in New Hampshire that his distant third place finish was a "ticket to ride."  But so far, that ride has been at the bottom where he cannot break out of single digits in tthe South Carolina Presidential Primary.  

Huntsman's daughters  came to his aid on the campaign trail, but were unable to pull him into a double-digit finish over Perry.

In addition to single digit poll numbers, Huntsman recently received another blow to his campaign bwhen a U.S. District Court judge ruled that he would not be placed on the State of Virginia's Republican Primary Ballot.

The next question everyone will be asking, "Which candidate will get Jon Huntsman's voters?"

Well, according to a Public Policy Poll conducted January 11-13, 2012, Jon Huntsman voters second choice are as follows:

32% Buddy Roemer 
12% Mitt Romney
11% Ron Paul
3% or less: Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum

So assuming Jon Huntsman still had 5% of the South Carolina vote when he dropped out of the race, the poll results would indicate a bump of 1.6 percentage points to Roemer, 0.6 to Romney, and 0.55 to Paul.



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