Florida GOP 2012 Presidential Primary Results

MELBOURNE, Fla.  -- Follow Brevard Times for Florida's Space Coast coverage of real time Florida Republican Presidential 2012 Primary Results as they come in from the Supervisors of Elections in counties from around the State of Florida.

The initial results may reflect a bias toward Republican candidates who courted Florida absentee and early voters ahead of the first three primaries because in some Florida counties, those results are the first to come in. 

The absentee and early vote results will be a reflection of how effective the Mitt Romney and Ron Paul 2012 campaigns were in sealing early voters ahead of the January 31st Florida Republican Primary when the Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum campaigns were still focused on South Carolina.

The unfolding history of the Florida 2012 Republican Primary is writing a play book for Republican Presidential candidates in future elections.  Republican campaign teams will do a careful cost/benefit analysis of the time and money spent in Florida versus the number of delegates actually won.  If future Republican candidates choose to leap frog Florida as the Ron Paul campaign did this year, then Florida may find itself a non-determination state next election cycle.

Below are the real time 2012 Florida Republican Presidential Primary results.  Refresh you browser to update as the total statewide election results continue to come in.

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